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General Education Requirements Fall 2012 and Later

SUNY Potsdam's General Education Program Outline: For students who matriculated in the Fall of 2012 or after.

  1. General Education Foundations (GEF) (Began Fall 2012)

    Students matriculating prior to Fall 2006 should continue to follow and complete the First year Experience requirements.

    1. Communication Experience: (2 courses; minimum of 7 credits)

      1. [FW] First-Year Writing (1 course; 4 credits)
        May not be double counted with any other General Education designator.

      2. [FS] Speaking, Reasoning, and Research (1 course; minimum of 3 credits)
    2. Quantitative Experience

      1. [FM] Mathematical (1 course; minimum of 3 credits)
    3. Critical Thinking Experience

      1. [FC] Critical Thinking (1 course; minimum of 3 credits)
  2. Modes of Inquiry

    No more than two courses (8 credits) from any one department or area may be used in the 28-hour requirement.

    1. Aesthetic Understanding (2 courses; minimum of 6 credits from two different departments)

      1. [AC] Aesthetic-Critical and Discriminative (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [AE] Aesthetic-Experiential (minimum of 2 credits)
        Note: many AE courses are one or two credits and more than one course will need to be taken.
    2. Scientific Inquiry (2 courses; one from each area; minimum of 6 credits total)

      1. [SB]Scientific Inquiry- Biological Sciences (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [SP] Scientific Inquiry- Physical Sciences (minimum of 3 credits)

      Note: At least one of the above courses must include [LB] laboratory.
      *Bachelor of Music students need only take one of the above.

    3. [SA] Social Analysis (minimum of 3 credits)

    4. [PI] Philosophical Inquiry (minimum of 3 credits)

    5. [AH] American History (minimum of 3 credits)

    6. World Civilizations (2 courses; minimum of 6 credits)

      1. [WC] Western Civilization (minimum of 3 credits)
      2. [XC] Cross-Cultural Perspective (minimum of 3 credits)
  3. Writing and Speaking Intensive

    1. [WI] Writing Intensive (minimum of 3 credits, FW prerequisite)

    2. [SI] Speaking Intensive (minimum of 3 credits, FS prerequisite)

  4. Modern Languages

    1. [ML] Modern Languages (0-9 credits)

      Sequence of courses leading to the completion of a Modern Language at the 103 level or higher OR the high school equivalent.

  5. Physical Education/ Health and Wellness

    1. [PE/HW] (2 courses)

      Requirement can be fulfilled by: 2 PE courses (same or different courses); 1 PE course and 1 HW course; or 2 different HW courses. Two semesters of varsity sports fulfills the requirement.

      The physical education experience will develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to live a productive lifestyle leading to the successful pursuit of personal and professional goals.

      The graduate will achieve this outcome by:

      1. participating in physical education activities that develop specific skills appropriate to the course activity area and include instruction in safe practice of the activity.
      2. demonstrating a knowledge of the benefits of exercise, lifelong physical fitness, the role of physical activity in stress management, and a lifestyle approach to physical activity.