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B.A. in Sociology

Sociology is the study of human society and social behavior. People who study sociology will understand the connections among the facets of everyday life. Sociologists analyze social institutions such as family, education, medicine, religion and politics. They examine the role that race, gender, ethnicity, age and social status play in our daily life. With skills in analysis, critical thinking and communication, sociology majors enjoy careers in many fields.

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“Being a part of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department not only gave me hands on experience in the field I wished to pursue, but helped arm me with the knowledge and skills to bring with me to be a contributing member in any work environment in my field of choice. I use the knowledge, skills, and tips from all of my professors every day in my career. I cannot thank them enough, this is hands down the best department to be in."

- Kaylean Contento, 2016 Graduate