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B.S. in Business Administration

"I checked out all the programs that were local and found that Potsdam had the best option for me. As a military wife, mother of 4, and active as a volunteer, I needed something flexible and Potsdam offered that. Overall, I had an excellent experience with my professors and feel confident that I have learned what it takes to be successful"

Joint Business Administration Program (B.S. degree) with Jefferson Community College

  • New students will take the first half of this degree (100 and 200 level courses) with Jefferson Community College and their remaining upper-division courses (300 and 400 level) with SUNY Potsdam.
  • Students with an Associate Degree from Jefferson Community College are able to enter directly into the upper-division courses offered by SUNY Potsdam.

Course Equivalents between JCC and SUNY Potsdam

The following major course requirements should be completed when students enter the "SUNY Potsdam" phase of the program.

Jefferson Community College Course

SUNY Potsdam Course Equivalent

ECO 101
Macroeconomics ECON 110
Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 102
Microeconomics ECON 105
Principles of Microeconomics
ACC 101
Accounting 101
ACCT 201
Principles of Accounting I
ACC 102
Accounting 102
ACCT 202
Principles of Accounting II
BUS 124
Marketing I*
MKTG 301
Principles of Marketing
BUS 131
Principles of Management*
MGMT 301
Principles of Management
BUS 211
Business Law I*
MGMT 330
Legal Environment of Business
BUS 221
Human Resource Management*
EMRE 330
Human Resources Management
MTH 144
Statistics STAT 100 or MATH 125

* Course does not count as upper-division credit.

Courses for your Convenience

Evening, weekend and online courses are offered for the convenience of adult students. This includes SUNY Potsdam's upper division courses leading to the B.S. in Business Administration degree.

Amount of Time to Complete Degree

Three years or less will be the time you need to complete your B.S. degree with SUNY Potsdam provided that you have completed an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Business Administration. The exact amount of time will depend on the number of courses completed each semester (Fall and Spring).

Important Note: Some courses in these programs are delivered online, via distance learning classroom, and on the Potsdam campus.

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