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SUNY Transfer Credit Appeal Process

SUNY Student Transfer Appeal Process for Students Transferring Credit from a SUNY Community College to a Baccalaureate Program at SUNY Potsdam

The State University of New York has an appeal process pertaining to decisions regarding the transfer of credit from SUNY Community Colleges to baccalaureate programs at a SUNY institution. According to the SUNY guidelines for eligibility:

This process is only for SUNY Community College students who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in baccalaureate programs at a SUNY institution, and who do not agree with the campus decision regarding acceptance or placement of credit earned elsewhere in SUNY.

Who to contact:

The coordinator of the appeal process is Terry Francis, Associate Director of Admissions. Students wishing to pursue this process should contact Mr. Francis by phone at (315) 267-2180 or by email at If a concern is not resolved through informal communication between the appropriate program director or academic department chair, the following process is available:

Appeal at the SUNY Potsdam campus level:

Step One: The student submits a written letter outlining the reasons for the appeal to the appropriate program director or chair. For instance, appeals regarding General Education credit are submitted to the Director of General Education and appeals regarding a major degree program are submitted to the chair of the department in which the degree program is located. The Office of Academic Transfer Services can assist a student in identifying the appropriate person to whom a specific appeal should be submitted.

Within five business days of the date of receipt of the appeal, the program director or chair will respond to the student in writing regarding the disposition of the appeal.

Step Two: If the student is not satisfied with the decision rendered in Step One, a Step Two appeal may be submitted to the Office of the Provost outlining the reasons for the appeal and responding to issues raised by the program director or chair in Step One. The Provost or a designee will respond in writing to the student in five business days of receipt of the Step Two appeal.

Note: An appeal at the SUNY System level is available, as outlined below. The Office of Academic Transfer Services can supply the appropriate forms for this level of appeal.

Appeal at the SUNY System level:

If the student has not had a response from the campus within ten business days, or is not satisfied with response at the campus level, he/she can submit an appeal to the SUNY Provost with supporting materials. The SUNY Provost or designee will gain additional information from the receiving institution as needed. The SUNY Provost will respond to the student within five business days from receipt of completed appeal application.

If the SUNY Provost reverses the campus decision on a course, that reversal will apply only to that student, not to the generalized acceptability of the course. All decisions will be officially communicated to the student and the campus provost or provost's designee.

If appropriate, the SUNY Provost may recommend that the University-wide Transfer Review Committee consider this course during deliberations during the next campus appeal cycle.

Adopted January 5, 2009