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Sophos Install

NOTE: CTS Staff typically configure/preconfigure this software on College owned computers. These instructions are provided for CTS Staff to reference for new installations or re-installations.

  • Install Sophos from the stand-alone installer located on CTS Tools.

  • Once installed, open the Sophos preferences either from under the Apple menu -> System Preferences or the the Sophos icon in the menubar.

  • Under the On-Access Scanning icon, under Options, change each of the following:

    Scan - uncheck Inside archives and compressed files and check Files on network volumes

    When a threat is found: Clean up infected files

    If cleanup fails: Delete infected files [note: at this point the file itself is the virus/malware and is safe to delete, no cause for concern.]

  • Under the AutoUpdate icon, leave the two checkboxes at their default settings and change each of the following:

    Update from primary location: Company web server


There is no need to modify any further settings. Close the preferences. Sophos should now be configured.