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Adding a printer in OS X

Before you begin, if you are connected with a wireless internet connection you must add your printer with your computer connected physically to the network with a network cable. Once setup is complete, you may resume using wireless.

  1. Click on the Apple menu in the Upper left of your screen and pull down to System Preferences.
  2. Locate the Print & Fax icon and click it, the system preference looks similar to below:adding printer 3
  3. Click the + sign to add a printer.
  4. Click the Default icon at the top of the Add screen. Locate the printer in the list identified by LORAX2-[PRINTNAME], and click it.
  5. If the proper printer make & model are already selected next to Use: you can click Add and proceed to step 8 if asked for tray information. If it says Choose a Driver... proceed to step 6.
  6. Click the drop down menu that says Choose a Driver... and pick Select Software...
  7. The window that opens will have all of the available printer/copier drivers installed on your Mac. The list can be quite long, you can refine it by using the search box. Click OK when found. If the make/model of the printer/copier is not found, you will have to visit the manufacturer's web site and download it.
  8. Click Add. The following printer options box appears. Here is where you make make sure that the options for your printer are correct. Select anything that might be missing and click OK.
  9. You may now close the System Preferences. The printer/copier should be available for use.

Printing With Personally Owned Computers

It is not possible to use your personal computer to print.