Adding a printer in Windows XP/Vista/7

Foreword Concerning Personally Owned Computers

It is possible to use your personal laptop to print to a public (lab) printer if you have a Campus Computer Account. You will be billed the normal fee for any over printing in these areas the same as if you were using a College computer.

You will only be able to print if you are connected via wired or W@SP in an academic building, or if you are using a VPN connection.

Follow the instructions provided below to  setup a public printer. During one of the steps in the setup, you will be asked for your CCA username and password. You will likely have to enter your username as POTSDAM\username. So, for example, doe99 would enter their username as POTSDAM\doe99. Further, if Windows is unable to add the printer because it cannot be found, you may have to path it with the full Domain name, in our example below it would be \\\KEL100 A list of public printers can be found by clicking here.

Finally, if your computer is unable to find the driver for a specific model, you will need to visit the manufacturer's web page, download, and install it.


Windows XP Home & Vista Home Editions have problems with Domain printers and are sporadically successful at best. CTS will not be able to assist you if you are unable to get printing working successfully. There are many public labs you can bring your document to for printing.

Quick Method for all versions of Windows

Using the Run command from the Start Menu, you can quickly add printers with the following method:

  • Windows XP: Click the START menu and choose Run... the dialog box (below) opens.  
  • Windows Vista/7: Click the START menu and choose All Programs, then Accessories, and then Run... the dialog box (below) opens.  

   adding printer windows 1

  • Next to Open: type \\printing
  • This will display all the network queues on campus. Double-click the printer you wish to add to your computer. Note: this provides no feedback that it was "done", the new queue will appear in your Printers and Faxes list (2000/XP) or Printers list (Vista).  

Alternate/Long Method for Windows XP

The following instructions contain screen shots, except for some cosmetic differences, they are identical for Windows 2000.
  • From the START menu choose Printers and Faxes (if you have XP's Classic Style turned on or use Windows 2000, this is under START - Settings - Printers and Faxes)  

   adding printer windows 2

  • The above wizard opens. Click Next   

   adding printer windows 3

  • Click the button next to A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer. Click Next  

   adding printer windows 4

  • Click the button next to Connect to this printer (or to browse for a printer, select this option and click Next):  
  • Type \\printing\ with the three character building code and the room number where your printer is located. In our example the printer \\printing\KEL100 is located in Kellas Hall, Room 100. As you start to type the building code you'll get a short list of printers in your area to help you out.
  • Click Next  

   adding printer windows 6

  • If this printer is the one you always want to print to by default, click Yes to the question Do you want to use this printer as the default printer? otherwise select No.  
  • Click Next  

   adding printer windows 7

  • You've finished setting up your printer. Click Finish