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Faculty/Staff Voice Mail Information

On-Line Voicemail Instructions

  1. Open your internet browser. Clear the entire URL bar and enter:
  2. Your phone number is your four digit extension (0000) OR your voicemail box number.
  3. Your passcode is the same one you use to login from your telephone.
  4. Upon login, the ?Messages? tab will be highlighted and the screen will show any new messages and saved messages.
  5. Underneath the ?Messages? tab are further options that enable you to review any new or saved messages and faxes.
  6. The ?Settings? tab located to the right of the ?Messages? tab displays your voicemail box number and current settings.
  7. Underneath the ?Settings? tab, are further options which include:

    -Passcode: This option allows you to change your passcode without logging into the voicemail system from your phone.

    -Messages: This option lets you change the order and importance of voicemail messages, as well as whether or not your phone displays that you have unheard voicemail. You are also able to set up email notification that lets you know when you have new voicemail messages.

    -Voice: This option will be utilized in the near future

    -Distribution Lists: This option allows you to create a list of extensions in order to send a voicemail to ONLY those specified.

**If you do not use your four digit telephone number as your voicemail box number, enter your voicemail box number in the phone number field on the initial login screen.**