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Center for Creative Instruction

Innovative tools, services, and resources.

The CCI works to strengthen, enhance, and support teaching and learning by providing services, resources, programming, and collaborative opportunities to the campus community.

Presentations and Workshops


Relay and Media Design


Moodle and Instructional Design



Laptops and Equipment

Technology Training


Teaching Online (DL)

Upcoming Events

** Events requiring registration

  • 09/12/18: Creating and Sharing Videos with TechSmith Relay**
  • 09/14/18: Qualtrics - Getting Started (new survey software)**
  • 09/17/18: Qualtrics - Advanced Training (new survey software)**
  • 09/17/18: New from the IRB: Electronic Submissions for Human Subjects Research**
  • 09/20/18: Qualtrics - Advanced Training (new survey software)**

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Latest from CCI

Latest from CCI