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Exempt Applications


Exemption doesn’t mean you don’t apply! Only the IRB can apply an exemption to your research.

What is exempt research?

Exemptions apply to research when the project:

Examples of Exempt research:

Research with de-identified records about human subjects, anonymous surveys, evaluating the use of accepted or revised standardized tests, testing or comparing a curriculum or lesson by observation in the classroom or interviews with teachers, surveying teachers, nurses, or doctors about a technique or outcomes, interviewing public officials about a local or global issue, analyzing census data, most studies involving no interaction with subjects, sampling textures/tastes/smells, etc of food.

Please Note: No exemption categories apply to research involving, fetuses, pregnant women or human in vitro fertilization and only certain exemptions pertain to children.

The University of Alabama-Binghamton has made available a document with examples of research that could qualify for exemption. Investigators can use this document as a guide.

How to Apply for an Exemption

There are no deadlines for submitting an application for exemption!

Visit the Forms Webpage to access the "Application for Permission to Involve Human Subjects in Research - Exempt Review".