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Confidential Resources

Victims and/or complainants that are not sure whether they are ready to, or want to, formally report, should contact the Personal Counseling Center or the Davis Health Center, as they are not required to file a report. They can maintain confidentiality for the victim/complainant. Victims will be made aware of his/her options and provided with all of the necessary remedies and resources information.

  • Counseling Center

    131 Van Housen Hall

    (315) 267-2330

    • Wellness Advocates

      Van Housen 1st Floor

      (315) 261-8873

      The purpose of the Counseling Center?s Wellness Advocate Peer Counselor program is to give all students on campus an additional resource, a kind ear and/or referral service, which can help students work through personal issues.
  • Student Health Services

    Richard E. Moose, Director of Student Health Services

    Van Housen Hall 116

    (315) 267-2373