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Airfare Procedure

Due to a mandate by the Office of Government Relations, airfare purchased using State, IFR or Dorm funds must be arranged through a New York State Contract vendor and purchased using traveler's Citibank Travel Card. Airfare purchased through any travel agency other than our State contract vendor will NOT be reimbursed to the traveler.

State Contract Travel Agency

Award: 22536

Child Travel New York, Inc.

d/b/a Child Albany Travel,

A Direct Travel Company

30 Corporate Drive

Clifton Park, New York 12065


(518) 292-9020

$14.95 transaction fee per ticket

Travel Agent Services Contract can be viewed at:

Before completing the following steps, please make sure your travel requisition (estimate of total expenses) with proper funding and signatures has been received by Purchasing and Payables.

To purchase airfare with State funds, you need to have a Citibank Travel Card. Click here (PDF) for application.

  1. Call the NYS Contract Travel Agency and ask for the NYS Reservations Department. If flying internationally, ask for an ?International? travel counselor.
  2. Your travel counselor will quote the State contract price through Syracuse for your destination, if available. If you choose to fly out of another airport in NYS, ask for the State contract rate from that airport.
  3. If there is no State contract flight available for your destination, the travel agency will arrange a flight at the lowest price available. If you have found a flight elsewhere at a reasonable price, ask travel agency to match price.
  4. After making your arrangements with the travel counselor, ask to have a fax or e-mail of the itinerary sent to you. Inspect the itinerary carefully to make sure the arrangements are perfect before you give your final approval. Once a non-contract flight is booked, it cannot be changed without paying a change fee (currently $100.00?subject to increase).
  5. Give the travel agent your Citi Travel card number to book your flight.
  6. Electronic tickets will be issued whenever possible. Please print out your copy to bring with you to the airport for check-in at the ticket counter with your picture ID and Passport (if applicable). Forward a copy of your ticketed itinerary to Natalie Gravlin (, as this will be used as a receipt when processing Citibank payment. If paper tickets are required, they will be provided per the "Travel Document Delivery" terms detailed on page 10 of the contract. There are several advantages to using State contract pricing and State contract vendors to book flights. They are:
    • Tickets are fully refundable & changeable on State contract flights should the traveler need to cancel or change their flight arrangements due to emergencies, schedule changes, meeting cancellations, etc. which could amount to considerable cost savings to the State.
    • Arrangements for trips do not require a Saturday overnight to obtain the best rate for State contract flights. No minimum stay requirements on State Contract flights.
    • No advance purchase requirements for booking State contract flights.
    • Ticket costs will be direct billed to your Citi Travel Card to avoid charging to personal credit cards.
    • Contract travel agencies will assist you in any way necessary throughout the course of your trip.
    • Contract agencies have access to discounted lodging directories.
    • Contract agencies will provide services for hotels, rental car, etc. at no additional cost.