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Emergency Withdrawal

We are only able to provide Emergency Withdrawal support letters for students who have been seen as clients at the Counseling Center on an on-going basis through the semester for which they are applying.

The following in italics is taken from the Student Success Center Website:

An Emergency Withdrawal (W*) can be requested if you are forced to leave the College during a semester due to reasons beyond your control.

Acceptable circumstances for an Emergency Withdrawal:

  • a severe medical or emotional condition or
  • a serious family emergency, etc.

You should know:

  • If you completed a substantial portion of the semester, your instructors may be contacted to inquire whether at the time you last attended it was still possible for you to pass the course.
  • If you receive W*s for all of your courses, your academic standing will be carried forward from the previous semester. Receiving W*s does not absolve you of financial liability to the College.
  • You must be able to provide clear and complete documentation of the situation from a qualified professional such as a doctor or psychological counselor.

To apply for an Emergency Withdrawal:

  • complete an Emergency Withdrawal application form available at the Student Success Center (128 Sisson Hall)
  • supply written documentation from a qualified professional such as a doctor or psychological counselor to support your request

Appointments for the sole purpose of seeking an emergency withdrawals are discouraged.

Students who are eligible for Emergency Withdrawals but they have not been an on-going client at the Counseling Center are encourage to consider other professionals with whom they have spoken through the event(s) such as clergy, doctors, or professors or ask for assistance at the Student Success Center.