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Flex Dining Credits

FLEX Dining Credits (Available on all plans)

  • FLEX credits have the purchasing power equivalent to one dollar but they have no cash value.
  • Many students use them to supplement their guaranteed meal allowance/$6.25 block credit, but they can be used in any dining unit, for catering purchases through PACES and at the Bear's Den in Maxcy Hall.
  • They can only be used towards purchases of goods from PACES Dining Services.
  • FLEX provides you with maximum purchasing flexibility: you can use any or all of your FLEX credits at any time during the semester.
  • They are allocated to your meal plan account per semester and do not rollover to the next. Unused FLEX credits are nonrefundable.
  • You can add FLEX credits to your meal plan at any register. If you go in person to the PACES Business Office window in Merritt Hall, you will receive a 20% premium on the amount you add on your Residential Meal Plan (except the ALL Flex Plan).