PACES Dining Service was rated #1 of all the 27 colleges and universities of its size in the SUNY Student Opinion Survey!

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2014-15 Meal Plans Start on Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hungry? We'll take care of you!

  • NACUFS Benchmarking Survey: scored significantly above the national average in all categories for ten years in a row.
  • NACUFS Benchmarking Survey: scored significantly above a six college SUNY aggregate in all categories for the ninth year in a row.
  • We have 8 locations on-campus.
  • PACES offers continuous meal service between 7 a.m. through 1 a.m.
  • We are a chef trained and driven organization, where it is all about the food: quality, taste, and value.
  • We offer gluten friendly, vegetarian and vegan products in every location.
  • We serve name brand products.
  • We serve local produce and local goods whenever and wherever possible.
  • Zero Zone G-F diet area and Special Dietary Meal Program at Lehman.
  • No missed meal factor in any of our Meal Plans.

So, if you're a vegetarian, vegan or love burritos and cheeseburgers you'll be happy with our food!  PACES Dining Services offers students a wide variety of dining experiences and menus to suit your taste buds.

All PACES Dining Service Managers have all taken and passed the GREAT training program regarding gluten-free dining. NFCA’s Gluten-Free Resource Education Awareness Training (GREAT) program is helping to provide college and university students with celiac disease with safe gluten-free dining options.