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Visitor/Temporary Parking Permits

The University Police Department will issue temporary and visitor parking permits to visitors, staff, and students when needed. There a three different types of temporary/visitor permits:

1. Visitor Permits (white permits)

  • Valid for one day.
  • One day permits at this time are free of charge.
  • Charges will apply after fourth temporary pass is issued to the same vehicle.

2. Extended Visitor Permits (yellow permits )

  • $10 per month OR $30 per semester
  • These permits are recommended for residence hall guests that visit frequently throughout the semester.
  • Restricted to residential campus parking lots.

3. Occasional Use Permits (blue permits ) $20 per semester

  • Restricted to campus parking lots 1, 2, 6, 7, 9
  • ONLY Valid from 5:00 p.m. through 2:00 AM


  • All Visitors must have a temporary parking permit displayed on their vehicle when parked on campus.
  • Temporary permits are available at the University Police Department, 24-hours per day.
  • Parents need permits, but will not be charged.
  • If you permanently change vehicles during the year, return your original decal and University Police will replace it for free.
  • If you temporarily drive a different vehicle than what you have registered, you must obtain a temporary parking permit for the borrowed vehicle.