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Requesting Services


If you are a student with a disability requesting reasonable academic accommodations and/or auxiliary aids, you should make the specific request to Accommodative Services.

To receive Accommodative services:

1. A student must submit valid documentation of a disability and the need for accommodations to Accommodative Services.

2. Documentation must be certified by an appropriate licensed professional.

3. The Director reviews the documentation.

4. Together, the Director and the student discuss possible reasonable accommodations to ensure classroom access.

5. After appropriate accommodations are determined, an Accommodation Plan form is prepared and signed by the Director and the student.

6. The student also reads and signs Guidelines for Classroom Accommodationswhich outlines the responsibilities of both the student and the office.


When to apply:

  • Entering students and transfer students may wish to schedule an appointment well in advance of their initial semester.
  • While students may request services at any time, you are strongly encouraged to contact the office as early as possible.

Application Assistance & Confidentiality:

  • The Director is available to answer any questions you may have in this process. Also, guidelines and policies regarding documentation and accommodations are available upon request.
  • Accommodative Services seeks to maintain confidentiality regarding your disability, and, to the extent possible, any record received by Accommodative Services on your behalf will be held in confidence.