TRiO Student Support Services

Trio logoTRiO Student Support Services (SSS) strives to provide the academic support necessary to help students remain in school and reach graduation.


Eligible participants can receive support in the following areas:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • TRiO SSS participants must have a need for academic support; they must be U. S. citizens and accepted for college enrollment.
  • Participants must also meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • must be a first generation college student, i.e. neither parent has a four-year college degree, and/or
    • must fall within income limits set by the U. S. Department of Education and verified by the SSS Office, and/or
    • must have a documented physical, emotional, and/or learning disability

Participation Requirements

TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) will work with you to achieve your academic and personal success. This collaboration entails TRiO SSS providing you with personalized assistance in academic support, financial literacy and planning, graduate school and career preparation and personal development.

It also entails your sincere and sustained effort and energy toward your success.  As a TRiO SSS participant, you agree to

  • meet with TRiO SSS staff members a minimum of four (4) times per academic year (to include academic pre-advising/advising, financial aid assistance, time management, study skills, workshops, etc.;
  • be prepared for, attend and participate actively in your classes;
  • be prepared for, attend and participate actively in tutoring sessions and/or staff appointments.  

Students who miss 3 staff appointments or 3 tutoring appointments, or are otherwise unable to meet their responsibilities, will be removed from the Trio SSS roster and become ineligible to receive services.

Application Process

To apply for participation in Student Support Services, visit the TRiO SSS Office, at 119 Sisson, between 8 a.m.- Noon or 1 - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The application process includes:

  1. Completing the TRiO SSS application and Student Needs Survey.
  2. The TRiO SSS office will contact you using your e-mail address to let you know if you are eligible or not for services.
  3. If your e-mail indicates you are eligible for TRiO SSS, your next step is to meet with a TRiO SSS Staff member. You will need to call the office (267-2347) or visit it at 119 Sisson Hall to schedule this appointment.

Your Admission into TRiO SSS will not be official until you have met with a TRiO SSS staff member.