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Job Description

Why be an SSS Tutor?

Being a tutor gives students the opportunity to:

  • hone your own study and learning skills
  • share your expertise
  • develop or sophisticate your interpersonal skills
  • develop leadership skills.

It's also an ideal experience for students in the teacher education program or who are considering graduate school, which will likely require teaching an introductory class.

Perhaps most importantly, tutoring provides you with the opportunity to "make a difference" for many students, who without your assistance may not succeed.

Description of duties:

  1. SSS tutors provide 1-1 and/or small group tutoring to only SSS eligible students.
  1. Tutors determine how few and/or how many students with whom they will work.
  1. Sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the tutor(s) and student(s).
  1. SSS tutors begin employment with an orientation and training program designed to provide the skills you need to work with students.
  1. SSS tutors and their students arrange their own hours and set their own agendas.
  1. Tutors are paid on an hourly basis and draw checks biweekly.
  1. Tutors are paid for time spent with students, with faculty and in on-going training sessions (in-services are available throughout the academic year).
  1. SSS staff members provide on-going supervision.
  1. Tutors also have the opportunity to meet with appropriate faculty.
  1. Texts and materials are provided.
  1. SSS tutors receive bi-weekly supervision and attend programming designed to help build their skills as tutors and as learners.
  1. New tutors are "mentored" by returning tutors, and often observe sessions before holding their own.