Handouts on Writing

Websites on Writing

General Writing Resources

Purdue University OWL Handouts: Guides to editing your writing, correcting errors, citing your sources and improving your writing. Sections on specific kinds of writing you might be assigned. Don’t miss!

UNC Handouts on How to Write Academic Papers: In-depth and high-quality handouts for college writers. Handouts tailored to your major. Don’t miss!

Paradigm Online: Wonderful short blurbs which show college students how to get their ideas out and how to write great sentences.

Research and Citation

Diana Hacker Research and Citation Page: Complete guide to finding and citing sources in MLA, APA, Chicago and CBE styles. Look at the sample papers by real students.

What is Plagiarism? A student-friendly explanation of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial and Quizzes Students learn how to cite well and avoid plagiarism. Instructors can monitor students' progress in online quizzes.

Bedford Research Room: How to write a research paper, avoid plagiarism and cite sources. Great tutorials that teach students how to avoid plagiarism. Handy checklists and how-to for the writer of research papers.

Grammar & Mechanics

Purdue University OWL Handouts -- the best!

UNC Handouts on How to Write Academic Papers

Bedford Exercise Central: Learn and practice grammar and conventions. A well-designed set of tutorials and a diagnostic test.

Usage & Style

Bartleby.com On-line text of reference works including Columbia Encyclopedia, American Heritage Dictionary, American Heritage Book of English Usage, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, and Elements of Style.

Strunk's Elements of Style. This online version of Strunk and White's well-known writer's style guide contains useful advice for writing in a clear and straightforward style.

Guidelines for Nonsexist Language Suggestions on ways to avoid sexist language in your writing.