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The Julia Crane Music Center consists of five structures including the 1,290-seat Hosmer Concert Hall, the 450-seat Snell Music Theater (recently renovated with a state-of-the-art rigging and lighting system), the 130-seat Wakefield Lecture and Recital Hall as well as classroom/office buildings all connected by a first-floor plaza.

The Crane School of Music is an All-Steinway School, one of a small number schools of music in the world whose collection of pianos is 90 percent or more Steinway-designed instruments. In 2007, 142 pianos were replaced with new Steinway instruments including three new concert grands (Steinway Model D). In addition, Crane has more than 1,200 band and orchestra instruments, a forte piano, three harpsichords, four organs including a Wicks concert organ, and a collection of Renaissance string and wind instruments.

The Crane Music Center has a 21-workstation MIDI and digital audio/video computer classroom that serves the technology needs of all music students, a recording studio, and the Potsdam Electronic Music Studios (PoEMS). There is audio playback equipment throughout the Crane Music Center in classrooms, rehearsal halls and faculty studios as well as excellent facilities for performance recording and live video streaming capabilities. The facility houses the Crane Music Library, a music education curriculum lab, as well as separate band, orchestra and choral library collections. Additionally, there are more than 75 practice rooms, a student commons, dressing rooms, costume rooms, scenery rooms, plus piano and instrument repair shops.

Crane Building Hours

Regular building hours during the Fall and Spring semesters:
Monday through Friday    7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday    8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Building hours during breaks and the summer recess:
Monday through Friday    7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Semester building hours are posted and copies are available in the office of the facilities manager at Crane B113.

Performance Spaces

The Helen M. Hosmer Concert Hall boasts some of the best acoustics in the Northeast and seats approximately 1,300 audience members.

The Sara M. Snell Music Theater provides an additional performance space for operas and recitals, seating just over 450 audience members.

The Ralph J. Wakefield Lecture and Recital Hall offers and intimate performance space with 130 seats, complete with state-of-the-art technology for guest artists, lectures, presentations, recitals and other special events.

Crane Library

The Crane Music Library, located in Schuette Hall, houses the most extensive collection of music books, scores, magazines, and sound recordings in the North Country. It also provides up-to-date equipment for viewing and listening to DVDs and CDs. Assistance in research is offered by Edward Komara, Crane Librarian.

Music Technology

To meet the growing needs of music students in the age of technology, the music educators of tomorrow must be prepared to utilize new and existing technologies in their classrooms. All classrooms in The Crane School of Music feature audio/visual presentation capability. The School has two mobile SMART Boards that can be used anywhere in the complex, as well SMART Boards in each of the Keyboard Labs (Schutte Hall A119 and A122).

Crane MIDI Lab

Housed in the Crane Music Library, this state-of-the-art “hands-on classroom” features 21 Macintosh computers and Korg Triton LE keyboard synthesizers with a wide assortment of professional grade music notation and sequencing software, World Wide Web and multimedia development software, and digital audio/video editing and mastering software. Additional hardware includes a SMART Board, an audio amplifier, and a black and white laser printer. The lab is available to patrons whenever the Crane Music Library is open.

Recording Studios (PAC 408 & 409; Bishop 120)

Located in the Performance Arts Center (PAC), the school’s Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art audio and video recording facility installed when the PAC was opened in 2014. The Recording Studio provides students with hands-on learning about the recording processes and is linked into all six performing spaces in Crane and the PAC. There is an additional recording studio space in the Crane complex which is the home to Madstop Records, a student-led recording initiative that undertakes projects both within the School and with outside companies.

Potsdam Electronic Music Studios (PoEMS) (Schuette 158 & 162)

These studios provide students with the opportunity to create music using computer software, digital and analog synthesizers, and other electronic equipment. This professional quality lab is equipped with the latest in digital audio recording hardware and software, high capacity digital storage media, and a variety of synthesizers and sound processors. The lab is open approximately 100 hours per week for students enrolled in relevant courses.

Improvisation Laboratory (Shuette 237)

Housed in the Crane Music Library, the Improvisation Lab provides students with access to computer and sound reinforcement technologies that support the development of jazz improvisation abilities. Sequencing and audio recording software provides soloists with combo backing and the ability to record sessions for use in a variety of educational contexts.

SmartMusic™ Laboratory

Located in the Jazz Improvisation Lab, SmartMusic software allows students to rehearse with a "virtual accompanist."