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The Julia Crane Music Center is comprised of five buildings, including two classroom buildings, a large concert hall, a music theater, and an intimate recital hall. The facility houses a music library, a computer music laboratory, and rehearsal spaces.

Performance Spaces

The Helen M. Hosmer Concert Hall boasts some of the best acoustics in the Northeast and seats approximately 1,300 audience members.

The Sara M. Snell Music Theater provides an additional performance space for operas and recitals, seating just over 450 audience members.

The Ralph J. Wakefield Lecture and Recital Hall offers and intimate performance space complete with state-of-the-art technology for guest artists, lectures, presentations, recitals and other special events.

Crane Library

The Crane Music Library, located in Schuette Hall, houses the most extensive collection of music books, scores, magazines, and sound recordings in the North Country. It also provides up-to-date equipment for viewing and listening to DVDs and CDs. Assistance in research is offered by Edward Komara, Crane Librarian.

Music Technology

To meet the growing needs of music students in the age of technology, the music educators of tomorrow must be prepared to utilize new and existing technologies in their classrooms.

Crane MIDI Lab

Housed in the Crane Library is the Crane MIDI Lab, inclusive of 20 student workstations each containing one 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac computer with 21.5" screen (built-in iSight camera) and one Korg Triton Le keyboard.

Electronic Music Studios

Two electronic music studios provide a learning environment for students interested in electronic music and electronic music composition. The electronic music studios include software such as Pro-Tools. Located in Schuette Hall, the electronic music studios are supervised by a faculty member and are available to students enrolled in selected composition and electronic music courses.

Jazz Improvisation Laboratory

The Jazz Improvisation Lab provides an environment in which students develop their jazz improvisation skills with technology support. The Jazz Improvisation Lab includes software such as Band-in-a-Box (Full Version) and Sibelius G7. Located in the Crane Library, the Jazz Improvisation Lab is supervised by a faculty member and is available to all Crane students.

SmartMusic™ Laboratory

Located in the Jazz Improvisation Lab, SmartMusic software allows students to rehearse with a "virtual accompanist."