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The Crane MIDI Lab, housed within the Crane Library, includes 20 student workstations and one teaching station; each workstation contains one 2.8 GHz Mac Mini computer and one Korg Triton Le keyboard. Software includes the latest in MIDI, digital audio, digital video, scanning, office, and web applications. Supported music/video software titles include Finale, Sibelius, Logic Express, and the iLife Suite. The lab includes a house sound system and SMART Board for interactive projection.

Students in all Crane majors may use the lab to compose, conduct research, practice theory and aural skills, create class materials, communicate with faculty, and develop portfolio materials.

The Crane MIDI Lab is supervised by a faculty member and is monitored by work-study students who provide technical assistance to lab users. Please email Dr. Peter McCoy with questions about the Crane MIDI Lab.