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M.S.Ed., Educational Technology Specialist

This program prepares students for technology leadership and management positions in business and organizations in private industry, the military, social service agencies, K-12 schools and higher education. For students holding an Initial certification, this degree program leads to recommendation for an additional New York certification as an Educational Technology Specialist. The program meets the standards established by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and is NCATE certified. This program is also available for non K-12 students who are not seeking certification. Program start date: Summer, Fall, Spring.

Required Program Courses

Minimum of 36 credit hours

IT 614, Technology in Education, 3 credits

IT 625, History and Philosophy of Technology Utilization, 3 credits

IT 635, Research and Theory on Comm and Performance, 3 credits

IT 647, Technology Coaching, 3 credits

IT 651, Systematic Design for Performance Improvement, 3 credits

IT 654, Program Evaluation, 3 credits

IT 657, Practicum in Technology, 3 credits

Four electives focusing on web development, literacy, programming and authoring, and technology utilization: 12 credit hours

Culminating Experience: 3 credit hours

Success Story

In the Fall 2012 semester, as part of a multimedia class for the MSED Educational Technology Specialist program, Trevor Dugan, Class of 2014, developed an app called PuzzleTopple. The app was published a year later and is available on both iOS and Android. Since the launch, the app has gone global, with 17,000 downloads in the Singapore region and over 25,000 downloads worldwide on iOS alone.

Program Specific Information

Dr. Anthony Betrus
Program Coordinator

Dunn Hall 393

(315) 267-2670

Admissions FAQs


Minimum Credits


Approximate minimum time to complete (assumes full time attendance)


Deadline to submit application materials


Start date: Summer, Fall or Spring

Employment Diversity

Graduates of the program have obtained positions in, but not limited to, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, technology start-ups, and consulting firms.