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Prospective Student Information

Q: What kind of network/television does SUNY Potsdam provide for students residing in Residence Halls?
A: Time Warner supports the High Speed Internet and Cable Television connections in the Residence Halls. Visit the Road Runner University Page for more information.

Q: I'm bringing my computer, are there any special requirements it should meet?
A: SUNY Potsdam's standard productivity suite is Microsoft Office. We recommend a minimum of Microsoft Word (not to be confused with Microsoft Works) for compatibility with student computing facilities and faculty/staff computers. For free alternatives for Microsoft Office, you may wish to look at Open Office (Windows/Linux) or NeoOffice (Mac). You may also wish to contact your advisor to see if your academic program requires any special software.

Q: I'm buying a new computer, what should I get?
A: Any modern computer with the above software should be okay. We also recommend avoiding the Home Basic version of Vista and Windows 7. Mac OS X 10.5 and above are fully supported. Our College Store offers educational discounts on computers and many related items. You may also wish to contact your advisor to see if your academic program requires any special hardware.

Q: Does SUNY Potsdam have wireless networking?
A: Yes, many academic common areas, facilities and residence halls have wireless networking. Students need only connect with their wireless device and fill out a short web page form using their campus username and password to gain access. Please note, because a device needs to be able to access a web page to register, devices such as wireless printers, Kindles, and Nook cannot be used in the residence halls.

Q: Can I get discounted software as a student?
A: Yes, check out for many software packages.

Q: Does SUNY Potsdam repair student computers?
A: No, currently personally owned computers are not serviced by the College. New computers will have a warranty by the manufacturer and, alternately, there are several local businesses that service computer equipment.