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Potsdam to Host Open Education Resources Workshop


On Friday, September 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., SUNY Potsdam will host a one-day SUNY workshop on Open Educational Resources (OERs). While specific definitions vary, OERs are generally understood as teaching and learning materials that are available for anyone to use without charge. They can include textbooks, videos, web exercises, and primary sources. The potential benefits of increased use of OER on our campus—especially given the increasing financial fragility of our students—is enormous. Friday’s workshop will give participants opportunities to:

  • Interact with faculty and librarians across SUNY who have first-hand experience with OER
  • Understand the distinctions between traditional and Creative Commons copyright
  • Discover OER materials in your subject area
  • Apply OER content to help meet your course outcome

There will be several speakers and panels in the morning, lunch, and then discipline-based break-out sessions in the afternoon. While we hope you can attend the entire day, please feel free to come when you are available. The cost of the workshop and luncheon will be covered by SUNY Center for Professional Development and OER Services. To register for the workshop, please visit Click on the Registration tab and choose “SUNY Potsdam”.

SUNY Potsdam is participating in a system-wide multi-year program aimed at increasing the use of OERs on SUNY campuses. I realize this is very hectic time of the academic year, but this is an important initiative, and I hope that many of you are able to participate in the workshop on Friday.

If you have questions, please contact Alan Hersker,, 315-267-2138. And if you’d like to learn more about OERs, you can check out Open Educational Resources, SUNY OER Services, OER Commons, and the Lumen catalog of OER textbooks.

Media contact:

Mindy Thompson, Office of College Communications,
(315) 267-2114