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Planning and Reporting Processes

SUNY Potsdam's Office of Institutional Effectiveness coordinates the campus Planning & Assessment process to ensure that all administrative and student support services programs follow a uniform procedure that supports MSCHE Standards 1 and 7.

While OIE is responsible for maintaining institutional Planning & Assessment processes, the Vice Presidents and heads of the Administrative Offices (Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Business Affairs and Administration, VP for Institutional Effectiveness and Enrollment Management, Dean of Students and Student Affairs, VP for College Advancement, and Research Foundation) have ultimate responsibility for utilizing assessment to support and document decision making processes in their respective institutional areas.

All administrative services and student support services programs follow the following process:

  1. By August 31 of each 3 year cycle (See Reporting and Action Plan Schedule), administrative units will submit an assessment report and revised plan (if necessary) for each of their programs to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
  2. By September 30, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will provide feedback on reports and revised plans to administrative unit heads, requesting any necessary clarification or additional information, if necessary.
  3. By November 1, unit heads submit final assessment plans and reports to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Administrative units that change or add goals, amend or create additional assessment instruments or activities throughout the year should submit a new and updated Assessment Plan immediately to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in order to keep all Planning documents current.