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Preparing for Registration

10 Simple Steps

Step 1: Review The Searchable Class Schedule

Please use the BearPAWS Class Search feature or refer to the web version of the Class Schedule by Department for regularly updated course information. To help organize your schedule, print and complete the Scheduling Worksheet (PDF) and the Registration Advising Form (PDF) and bring both to your advising appointment.

Step 2: Check Your Campus Email Regularly!

Faculty and administrative offices routinely send updated information regarding scheduling changes, cancellations, special instructions, etc., concerning registration and other important academic processes. Don't miss out by failing to monitor your campus email account.

Step 3: Update Personal Information

Keep your local address updated on BearPAWS and submit home address changes immediately to the Registrar's Office so that you will receive course audits, bills and other important communications from the College in a timely manner.

Step 4: Check Your Record

Log on to BearPAWS to check your HOLDS by clicking on "Student Services" and then "Student Records." They STOP you from registering, so contact the office listed to clear the hold immediately.

Step 5: See Your Adviser To Remove Your Registration Hold

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser.

  • Print out your Course Summary available in BearPAWS and bring it to your appointment.

  • Check out BearDeN! Review your BearDeN audit prior to your meeting with your academic adviser and discuss discrepancies, questions, or missing waivers/substitutions during your advising meeting. BearDeN is available on the "Student Services and Financial Aid" menu on BearPAWS.

  • Be prepared to meet your adviser by completing the Registration Advising Form (PDF).

  • If you do not know who your adviser is, check BearPAWS under "course summary."

  • If you do not have an adviser, Arts and Science students should contact the Student Success Center and Crane students should contact the Crane Advising Office.

  • Education students must leave their signed Teacher Education Advising Form in the Teacher Education Office.

  • Your adviser will give you a signed advising form and remove your Registration Hold. If your Registration Hold is not removed, you will not be able to register.

Step 6: Obtain Any Special Permissions

  • If you need an instructor's permission to register for a section, obtain the permission slip for the instructor and take it to the designated person in the department to enter the override into the computer so you can web register.

  • All Education courses, except EDLS 201 and EDLS 270, require permission from the education adviser and an override in the computer system.

  • Tutorials may be added to your schedule during the Add/Drop period. For more information, consult the appropriate Dean's Office.

Step 7: When To Register

Step 8: How To Register

Step 9: Register For Classes

Step 10: Enjoy A Productive Semester!