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Special Admissions Programs

Through special admissions and enrollment programs, SUNY Potsdam supports success at the college level for all students.

Special Admissions Programs:

SUNY Potsdam will offer early admission to exceptionally qualified high school juniors and seniors in a program referred to as College Unlimited at SUNY Potsdam (CUSP).

  • Students applying for early admission must possess a "B" average or above in their course work and test scores indicating strong potential for college-level work.
  • They should have 14 or more academic units from high school in the areas of social studies, English, foreign language, science and mathematics.
  • In addition, applicants for early admission must demonstrate the necessary maturity to adjust to college life.
    • This is accomplished through submission of at least two letters of recommendation (including one from the high school principal or school counselor and one from a teacher of an academic subject).
    • The high school principal or school counselor must also send a letter approving any course work taken at SUNY Potsdam.
  • Early admission candidates seeking federal financial aid will need to have a letter signed by the high school principal stating that course work will not be counted toward the high school diploma.

Note: This is not an Early Decision or Early Action Policy. Please contact the Admissions Office at (315) 267-2180 for more information.

If filing the SUNY Application, do not close the website after you hitting “submit.” You will also need to complete the SUNY Potsdam Supplemental Application, with an essay requirement.


The Bridges Program is a special admissions program for students who show potential for success, despite falling slightly below our regular admissions requirements. Bridges supports the transition to a college workload for such students through access to expert academic advising, tutoring resources, and other support services.

Bridges students will be formally enrolled in the program for their first two semesters of college; however, students can continue to access guidance and support beyond the first year.

All Bridges students will participate in a customized orientation process with expert advising, which takes place as part of SUNY Potsdam’s regular summer orientation program. Students have guaranteed access to some of the most sought after SUNY Potsdam courses: COMP 101 – Writing & Critical Thinking and FY 100 – First Year Success Seminar.

Applicants for the Bridges Program have high school averages that range from 77 to 80 and demonstrate their potential for success through their high school transcript, a personal essay, a letter of recommendation and senior year grades.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have and we will do our best to assist you. You can reach us at or by calling (315) 267-2702.

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) provides academic support and financial aid to students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels who show promise for mastering college-level work, but who may otherwise not be accepted.

EOP students must qualify both academically and financially. Students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds are given priority.

To learn more about eligibility, services, scholarships, and resources, visit the SUNY Potsdam Educational Opportunity Program page.

SUNY Potsdam and the New York National Guard join forces to now offer a mutually beneficial recruitment program that allows prospective Students/Soldiers the ability to enlist in the New York Army National Guard and be guaranteed admission into SUNY Potsdam upon completion of their Initial Entry Training.

This is the answer to that familiar question for high school students, military or college? Our answer is why not Both? Now you can join the National Guard and receive guaranteed admission to SUNY Potsdam. Learn More about the Guaranteed National Guard Admission Program

Visiting student is a non-degree seeking status at SUNY Potsdam. Being admitted as a Visiting student does not grant you automatic admission as a matriculated student.

Contact the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education at (315) 267-2165 for information on becoming a visiting undergraduate or graduate student.

Visiting Student (Non-Degree Seeking) Application

Please complete this fillable Non-Matriculated Application (PDF) form (for undergraduate and graduate non-matriculated students) and upload it to the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education secure drop box here.


College in High School (Students seeking to enroll in a course for credit at their High School)


College Advancement Program (current HS students seeking to register for a course at Potsdam for college credit)

If you have been enrolled in an undergraduate program previously, or if you have completed a degree and are returning to seek a second bachelor's, you are considered to be a "readmitted student", and you will need to apply through the Registrar’s office.

Admission Criteria - Undergraduate

Note: All Admissions material should be sent to

Current High School Student – Take a course at Potsdam

  • Minimum 80.0 grade point average in a Regents/college preparatory curriculum as reported on an official high school transcript
  • A letter of recommendation from high school principal and/or guidance counselor

Current High School Student – Coursework at your High School

  • Complete the College in High School (CHS) inquiry form online
  • Fill out the form carefully, and be sure to look up your high school code
  • For additional information, visit the Early College Programs office website

High School Graduate

  • Official High School transcript or GED certificate 

Currently Enrolled Student with another College or University

  • An official transcript through last semester attended
  • Students must have both a current and overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 to be admitted
  • Students who have been dismissed or separated from a college or university, and who are not eligible to return, do not qualify for admission as a non-matriculated student

College Graduate

  • Official transcript from your most recent institution

Previously Enrolled Student with another College or University

  • An official transcript through the final semester attended
  • Students must have both a current and overall minimum grade point average of 2.0 to be admitted
  • Students who have been dismissed or separated from a college or university, and who are not eligible to return, do not qualify for admission as a non-matriculated student

Admission Criteria - Graduate

Note: All admissions material should be sent to

  • In addition to the application, students must submit official transcripts showing evidence of completion of their bachelor's degree.
  • You must have a GPA equivalent to the requirements for admission into a graduate degree program.  Exemptions may apply with additional documentation.
  • If you are a lifelong learner, and do not intend to transfer coursework into an official master's degree, you may be eligible for an exemption to the six credit cap normally instituted on graduate coursework. To request this exemption, please download the Lifelong Learning Agreement form, and submit it to the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education. You will be notified at the time of your application for coursework. 

Additional Information

  • Undergraduate: A maximum of 30 semester hours may be taken as a non-matriculated undergraduate student with no more than 15 hours per year and 8 hours or two courses per semester. Additionally, a maximum of 30 semester hours taken as a non-matriculated undergraduate student may apply towards a Bachelor's degree if/when a student matriculates.
  • Non-matriculated students who are registered for coursework may be bumped to a waiting list if a matriculated student seeks a seat in the same class and none are available. 
  • All students are required to provide proof of measles, mumps and rubella immunization. If measles, mumps and rubella immunization is not provided by the stated deadline, the student will be disenrolled. Questions should be directed to Student Health Services at (315) 267-2377.
  • Continuance as a visiting student at SUNY Potsdam requires a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in completed coursework.


Advising is available for non-matriculated students. If you would like advising assistance before determining which classes to take, please contact the Academic Advising Office, Sisson 128 (315) 267-2580. If there are no available seats in your preferred class/classes, the normal add/drop process will be your method of registration. The same applies if you will be registering after the start of a semester.

To register for classes during the add/drop period, email the instructor to ask their permission and then forward that email to the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education at To drop a course during the add/drop period, or to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period, email If you have questions about Advising/Registration, contact the Office of Graduate & Continuing Education at or (315) 267-2165.


Tuition and Fee

Tuition and fees for non-matriculated students are assessed per semester hour for each course up to a maximum cost for a full-time, in-state student. Tuition and billing information is available on the Student Accounts webpage. You can also call One Stop at (315) 267-2943.

For more information about Health Insurance options, contact Health Services at (315) 267-2377.