Accompanying Contract

  • Contract for Crane Accompanists

Change of Studio Teacher Request

  • Change of Studio Teacher

Completion of a Degree at Another Institution

  • Application for Completing a Degree at Another Institution  

Create a Course

  • Creation of an Individual Course Section  
  • Required every semester a course is needed  
  • Undergraduate: Instrumental Rep and Pedagogy; Recitals; Musical Studies Projects  
  • Graduate: Graduate Studio/Lessons; Thesis Advisement  

Degree Major Change Form

  • Addition or Change of Major   

Degree Minor/Concentration/Track Change Form

  • Addition or change of a Concentration, Minor, or Track

Paper Juries and Levels Form (Strings Only)

  • This paper form is used for string area juries and level exams.

Electronic Juries and Levels Form (Strings Only)

  • This electronic  form is used for string area juries and level exams.

Fillable PDF Jury Form (Voice Area Only)

  • This fillable PDF  form is used for voice area juries.

Graduate Credit Overload Form

  • This fillable PDF  form is used by graduate students to request a credit overload.

Music Education Forms

  • Practicum Field Observation Log
  • Student Teaching Handbooks, Field Experience and Student Teaching Forms 

Student Recital Guide, for current semester (coming soon)

  • Information About Scheduling and Performing a Recital

Request Additional Credits of Studio Beyond Degree Requirements

Student Soloist Responsibilities Form

Student Travel Form

Transfer Release Form

  • Transferring to Crane From Another Institution  
  • Release of Scholarship 

Request for Tutorial Study at The Crane School of Music

Voice Area Recital Sign-up Form

Waiver for Applied Music Credit Form or to Petition for Additional Semesters of Studio

  • Use this form
    • to request that studio credits be waived,
    • to request completion of studio credit by exam, or
    • to request additional studio credits be transferred.