Billing & Payment Information

The Office of Student Accounts at SUNY Potsdam is the hub of student accounts receivables, from the initial billing, processing refunds, to blocking and collection of unpaid financial obligations. We offer several helpful sites to assist students in understanding and maintaining their accounts.

Spring 2014 semester bills are now available online. Students can access their eBills by logging into BearPaws, selecting Student Services, and Student Records.

SUNY Potsdam utilizes a secure lockbox payment process. Please forward check payments with a copy of the bill to SUNY Potsdam’s lockbox payment processing center: P.O. Box 923 Albany, NY 12201.  All payments must be made in U.S. FUNDS ONLY.

Check: All checks should be made payable to SUNY Potsdam.  Be sure to include the student identification number (“P” number) on the check.

Scholarship Check: Place scholarship checks in separate sealed envelope marked “scholarship check enclosed” and forward to the Office of Student Accounts.

Credit Card:
SUNY Potsdam accepts Discover, VISA and MasterCard and American Express. Credit and debit card payments are processed online using the ePayment option available through the student's BearPAWS account.

*A $20 service fee will be assessed to your student account for returned ACH electronic check as well as paper check payments.