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Comprehensive Fees are charged to all students to support several campus activities and services.  These fees are mandatory for all enrolled students and are essential for SUNY Potsdam to operate.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits these fees provide:

Technology Fee: This is a critical component in supporting the college’s various technological services utilized by all students. Services include e-mail, online web course registration and access to grades (BearPAWS), smart classrooms and public labs, curricular software, printing, various Internet web resources, the e-bill platform (Transact) and the learning management software (Brightspace). Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of Computing and Technology Services at

College Fee: A fee imposed by the State University of New York.

Intercollegiate Athletic Fee: A fee that supports all intercollegiate athletic events for women and men’s teams. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of Athletics (315) 267-3484.

Fitness Center Fee: A fee that supports the Fitness Center equipment and supervision for all students. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of Athletics (315) 267-3484.

Activity/SGA Fee: Assessment by the Student Government Association for activities that include student social programs, student clubs and organizations, and publications which are approved by a periodic student referendum.

Health Fee: A fee that covers health care services from a nationally accredited health care facility on campus. Having Health Insurance does not exempt you from this fee. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Student Health Services Office (315) 267-2377.

Career Services/Experiential Education Fee: A fee that provides various academic support tools, including internship information and service-learning activities. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of Experiential Education (315) 267-2507.

Transportation Fee: A fee that funds the SUNY Potsdam Bus and supports all of its activities, including contractual costs for drivers, maintenance and repair costs for the bus fleet in use, and branding of the bus. Without the fee, there would be no SUNY Potsdam Bus. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Dean of Student Affairs at (315) 267-2117 .

Applied Music Fee: Charged to recognize and to help offset the added expense of the one-on-one instruction that all music majors receive in their studio lessons.   Note that this fee is only charged to students who are registered for one-on-one studio instruction. Please direct questions regarding this fee to The Crane School of Music (315) 267-2775.

Field Experience Fee: Charged to cover expenses related to education majors field experience requirements.  There is significant coordination of field experience for education majors throughout their degree, all the way through student teaching. Additionally, there is significant documentation and tracking of field experience requirements mandated by the State Education Department so students can receive their teacher certification.

Laboratory Fees: Fees that support related expenses. Please review the course catalog in BearPAWS for specifics.

Music Fee: Charged to cover other expenses related to music instruction, especially costs related to specialized equipment and musical instruments: instrument purchases, maintenance, and upgrades.  Note that we employ two staff members to oversee, maintain, and secure our very extensive instrument inventory and our large piano inventory.  Pianos are used by every student not only for required piano and keyboard study but for work in music theory, conducting, work with accompanists, and other reasons. School-owned instruments are used in techniques classes that every music education major must complete and as specialized instruments in numerous Crane ensembles, as well as large and costly shared instruments (such as percussion). Classroom instruments used in elementary music education classes are yet another example. Please direct questions regarding this fee to The Crane School of Music (315) 267-2775.

Concert Fee: Charged to provide all Crane students with access to the Community Performance Series (CPS) concerts & occasional master classes. Please direct questions regarding this fee to The Crane School of Music (315) 267-2775.

International Student Insurance: Insurance charge mandated by SUNY. Please direct questions to the Office of International Student Services (315) 267-2507.

Graduate Diploma Fee: A one-time charge for matriculated graduate students to pay for their SUNY Potsdam diploma. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Registrar’s Office (315) 267-2154.

Orientation Fee: A one-time fee charged to all first time students for social, cultural, and educational activities for students related to entering college. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of First Year Programs (315) 267-2580.

Parking Fees: Student Vehicle Registration Fees are based on full or part-time student status. All student vehicle registration is now completed online through BearPAWS. When you register, you will need your vehicle's license plate number. Your vehicle decal has an expiration date as follows: Decals for Academic year - Valid from September through May (Decals expire on Commencement Day in May) Decals for Summer Session - Valid from May through August (Decals expire on the first day of the Fall Semester) Pricing is as follows: $140 full time student (12+ credit hours) $120 parking fee $ 20 registration fee $80 part time student (1-11 credit hours) $ 60 parking fee $ 20 registration fee Special pricing options available for student teachers, summer session only students, and motorcycle permits. Direct questions to University Police at (315) 267-2222.

Students have the option to accept or decline any or all optional fees through their BearPAWS account. Students who choose not to pay any or all optional fees must decline in BearPAWS within the first 30 days of the semester.  Otherwise, the student will be financially liable for the charge(s).

Alumni Fee: Enables the SUNY Potsdam Alumni Association to support student programming and College communications to alumni, parents and friends. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the Office of Alumni Relations at (315) 267-2120.

Spring Fest Endowment Gift: Your gift, when partnered with other student's gifts, will be used to support the annual student Spring Fest. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the SGA Office at (315) 267-2588.

Pharmacy Fee: Provides many services to any student who pays the fee at no additional cost, instead of charging the student at their visit or writing a prescription to send to local pharmacies. Please direct questions regarding this fee to the student Health Center at (315) 267-2377.

Students registered in student teacher or internship placements may be eligible for waivers of some broad-based fees.  The associated departments will submit a list to Student Accounts at the start of each term identifying eligible students. 

Students with a placement within 60 miles from campus will not be eligible for fee waivers.  In accordance with campus residency policies, students within a 60-mile radius of the campus may commute to SUNY Potsdam and access the benefits provided by mandatory campus fees. 

Students with a placement more than 60 miles from campus will be eligible for the following fee waivers: Athletic Fee, Health Fee, Fitness Center Fee, Transportation Fee, Student Activity Fee and Concert Fee, if applicable.