The Music Business Program at Crane

The Crane School of Music offers a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in Music Business.  This degree program works closely with the Crane Institute for Music Business to provide the most comprehensive preparation for employment in the music industry.  We also offer a minor in Music Business for music majors and non-music majors. Unlike the Bachelor of Music degree, no audition is required to for non-music majors who are minor is Music Business.

The primary mission of The Crane Institute for Music Business is to enhance communication and facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership between and Crane School of Music and the music products industry. It works to promote partnerships with music industry associations and businesses.

The Crane Institute for Music Business provides opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals through such activities as Music Business Roundtables and Executives-in-Residence program.  At the 2013 Music Business Roundtable were Robert Breithaupt (Department Chair, Jazz Studies/Music Industry and Director of Percussion, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio), Jack Knight (President, Samson Technologies, Hauppage, NY), and David McAllister (Vice President, Jam Industries Ltd., Montreal, QC).  Recent Executives-in-Residences include Mary Luehrsen (director of public affairs and government relations for NAMM, and executive director of the NAMM Foundation) and Robert Farmer (general council for the rock band Rush).

Music Business Degree Program

Our program is designed for students who want to earn a place in the music business industry. We provide the preparation for employment in:

  • Music Products
  • Arts Administration
  • Recording Industry

It combines the elements of our strong Bachelor of Music with course work tied into the Departments of Business and Economics. We provide you with a solid foundation both in music and performance a well as knowledge about what makes the industry tick.

Our faculty are true experts in audio technology, music retail, music production and music product development. They know the score!