The Department of Community Health at SUNY Potsdam encourages students to gain experiences in a practical, real-life working environment. As a result, all majors and minors are required to participate in an internship.

Community Health Majors complete a 12-credit, full-semester internship (HLTH 490: Internship). Students select two internship sites, spending seven weeks at each placement. Community Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexual Health, and Therapeutic Recreation Minors complete a 2-credit internship (HLTH 475: Senior Seminar) at one placement. Interns have worked with a variety of businesses and organizations, including

  • New York State Health Department (smoking cessation program)
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension (nutrition education)
  • Seaway Valley Substance Abuse Prevention Program (school-based drug education)
  • Planned Parenthood (adolescent sexual health)
  • Centers for Disease Control (disease prevention)
  • St. Lawrence County Health Initiative (workplace wellness)
  • Other sites throughout the United States and internationally.

Contact the Community Health Internship Coordinator at (315) 267-3132 for more information about our internship program.


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