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Environmental Studies Program

The Environmental Studies Major is an interdisciplinary, 43-51 credit-hour major that includes course offerings from 14 departments and programs designed to prepare environmental leaders of the future.

The curriculum emphasizes four components: humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, skills and the capstone experience. It seeks to provide students with an understanding of human attitudes and behaviors toward nature, and provides a grounding in science to prepare them to shape viable environmental policy and practice. The major also prepares students for graduate school in related environmental fields.

Environmental Studies Advising/Audit Form (PDF)

The curriculum's distinctive feature is that it employs the nearby Adirondack Park as case study and field site, grounding theory in the experience of a protected area of international importance. First-year students are advised to begin with the Environmental Studies/Adirondack FIG. The service-learning capstone experience provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the environmental field during the summer after the junior year. In a three-credit fall seminar, seniors develop and present a project based upon their field work.

Each student is also required to complete a minor in one of the disciplines which offer courses for the Environmental Studies major, with no more than two courses counting towards the major. The program also offers a minor in environmental studies and a minor in environmental science.

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