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Crane Keyboard Credit by Exam Information

How many keyboard classes may I try to test out of?

Students may try to test out of any number of keyboard classes.

What should I do to get ready?

Each class must be tested out of individually, and the exams must be taken in order of the class sequence. This means that all students will start by attempting to test out of Keyboard Skills I: freshman year, first semester.

To prepare for this exam, click on Keyboard Skills I below to view the list of required skills for that level. Skills for each level must be mastered and correct fingering must always be used.

When can I attempt to test out of one or more Crane keyboard classes?

Exams take place the day before classes begin each semester.

How do I schedule my exam?

The Crane Keyboard Coordinator schedules all credit by exam appointments via email. Appointments will be made by the coordinator before the start of each semester.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact Heather Wheeler, Crane Keyboard Coordinator via email ( or telephone(315) 267-3192. Please note that the Keyboard Coordinator may be out of the office for extended periods during summer and winter breaks, and email will be checked intermittently.

Credit by Exam Requirements for Crane Keyboard Classes

Note: for best results, open and print these files using a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.

Keyboard Skills I (freshman year, first semester)

Keyboard Skills II (freshman year, second semester)

Functional Keyboard I, choral/general track (sophomore year, first semester)

Functional Keyboard I, band/orchestra track (sophomore year, first semester)

Functional Keyboard II, choral/general track (sophomore year, second semester)

Functional Keyboard II, band/orchestra track (sophomore year, second semester)