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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Approved in 2019

ISLO 1 - Communication:

Express ideas in a coherent, logical, and compelling way, in written, oral, visual, or artistic forms appropriate to their disciplines.1

ISLO 2 - Intercultural Competence:

Demonstrate understanding of multiple worldviews and diverse experiences, as well as the relationships between inequality and social, economic, or political power.1

ISLO 3 - Creative and Critical Thinking: 

Use divergent (e.g., generation of novel ideas, thinking out of the box, brainstorming) and convergent thinking (e.g., critical thinking, evaluation of ideas, quantitative and qualitative analysis, scientific reasoning) to generate novel and relevant ideas, strategies, approaches, or products.2

ISLO 4 - Information Literacy: 

Apply skills and knowledge to access, evaluate, and use information effectively, competently, and creatively.2