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College Mission

SUNY Potsdam Mission Statement

The State University of New York at Potsdam prepares students to act as engaged global citizens and to lead lives enriched by critical thought, creativity and discovery. As an inclusive scholarly community, rooted in our historic role in providing exemplary teacher and music education and our leadership in the fine and performing arts, we are committed to the liberal arts and sciences as an academic foundation for all students. With an abiding sense of responsibility to our region and to the world beyond, SUNY Potsdam fosters an appreciation of and respect for the variety of human experience.

Our Vision

SUNY Potsdam aspires to foster innovative programs that deliver truly transformational student experiences, in a collaborative and creative community environment, emphasizing inclusivity, sustainability, and leadership in scholarship and service.

The Potsdam Pledge

Being more than a collection of individuals, SUNY Potsdam is a community dedicated to the pursuit of common goals. While these goals can be elusive and controversial, the community described below reminds us not only of what we are seeking to become, but of all that we share in common. Therefore, let it be known that SUNY Potsdam strives to be:

  • An Educational Community sharing academic goals and in which students, faculty and staff work together to strengthen teaching and learning;
  • An Open Community uncompromisingly protecting freedom of thought, belief and expression;
  • A Civil Community expressing disagreements in rational and non-threatening ways, and treating all individuals with consideration, decency and respect;
  • A Responsible Community accepting obligations under clearly articulated principles of behavior designed to support the common good;
  • A Safe Community respecting each other's rights, privacy and property;
  • A Healthy Community respecting and promoting physical and emotional wellness;
  • An Ethical Community reflecting honesty, integrity and fairness, in both academic and extracurricular activities;
  • A Diverse Community celebrating our differences and learning from our diversity;
  • A Socially Conscious Community seeking to contribute to the betterment of the campus, the local community, the nation and the world;
  • A Watchful Community remaining alert to the threats posed by hatred, intolerance and other injustices, and ever-prepared to combat them.