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Club Sports

Club Sports exist for the purpose of furthering a common interest in physical activity through competition, instruction, participation, or performance. Club sports are a great opportunity to meet others who desire to participate in a particular sport! You'll learn new skills, improve existing skills, become more educated about fitness and health, engage in competition, and enjoy recreational and social time with friends. Some of the more competitive clubs may compete in postseason play and regional and national championships.

We strongly encourage students with an interest in starting a new Club Sport to take the necessary steps to make your idea come to life! We are looking to grow our Club Sports program and increase our offerings for all students.

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Club sports fall into one of three categories:

Students who participate in competitive sports clubs are involved in a high-risk level of competition and require substantial resources in terms of funding, facilities, and time commitment from their members, coaches, and volunteers. In addition, they compete against other colleges and universities in both leagues and tournaments.

Cheerleading Club
Frisbee Club
Men’s Rugby Club
Women’s Rugby Club

This category includes clubs wishing to provide opportunities for students to participate in lower risk activities. Their members learn and refine skills.

Law Enforcement & Tactics (LET)
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

This category includes clubs wishing to provide opportunities for students to participate in less competitive sports activities. Sports Clubs in this category are designed to develop and promote interest in a particular activity. Their members learn and refine skills, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of sports activities.

Bear Witness Step Team
Dance Ensemble
Divine Dancers
Live Action Role Play (LARP)
Renaissance & Medieval Studies Assoc. (RMSA)
Ski & Snowboard
Swing Dance
Team NV