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Potsdam Prepared: COVID-19 Updates


As we approach the end of the Fall semester, please read the following information related to testing and moving out. It is imperative that you follow all required directives to ensure that everyone returns home or remains on campus in the safest way possible.

First, If you didn’t fill out the survey sent by Eric Duchscherer that was due on November 6th to indicate your plans, please fill it out ASAP:

  1. Common Procedures
    1. Signing Up for Check Out Time
      1. Residential students are being asked to identify the approximate time that they intend to leave campus or if they plan to stay for break (in the survey sent by Eric Duchscherer and also above).  Time blocks will be restricted in order to reduce density of guests who will be picking up their students and to ensure proper social distancing.  Elements to the move-out process will include:  
        1. Students will be able to identify a 2 hour block of time to leave campus. 
        2. The number of students per building will be limited based on the size of the building, the number of doors to the building, and the likely traffic patterns that students will use to enter/exit the building.  Building doors will be marked with “exit” and “entry” only. 
        3. Students will be able to have 1 guest assist them with moving. 
        4. All individuals must adhere to social distancing expectations. 
        5. All individuals will be asked to wear masks and to sanitize/wash their hands frequently throughout the process.  Hand-sanitizer, gloves, and masks will be provided. 
    2. Testing Procedures for Leaving for Thanksgiving Break
      1. Everyone needs to be tested and receive their negative test result before they can leave for Thanksgiving break per SUNY requirements.
      2. Once students identify the approximate time that they intend to leave campus on the survey, they will receive an additional email with testing instructions. 
        Intended Dates to Leave Campus Date to be Tested
        November 13 - November 16 November 10
        November 17 - November 19 November 13
        November 20 - November 22 November 17
        Staying for Thanksgiving Break & Remainder of Semester November 20


  2. Staying on Campus for Thanksgiving Break & Remainder of Semester
    1. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you have communicated that you are planning to stay by completing the survey sent by Eric Duchscherer.  Students who fail to do this will not be permitted and will have their card access turned off.  More communication will come after Thanksgiving for students who are also looking to stay for Winter Break (after the end of classes).
  3. Leaving for Thanksgiving and Returning for Spring 2021 Semester
    1. If you are registered for classes in the Spring 2021 semester and are planning on returning to the residence halls you DO NOT need to pack up your room; you can leave your belongings in your room.  
      1. Before you leave, please make sure you:
        1. Have everything you need to complete the semester (books, laptop, instruments, etc) and your personal items that you will need/want for the next couple of months
        2. If you have a half space available in your room AND have not been approved for a single, ALL your belongings need to be on one side of the room.
        3. Lock your door(s)
        4. Close and lock your window(s)
        5. Put your blinds down and twist them so they are open
        6. Unplug your appliances (defrost your fridge and leave it open, unless you live in a TH or Lehman Apartment)
        7. Empty your trash
        8. Turn off your lights
        9. Please note that Residence Life staff will be entering your room after you leave to ensure that all of this was completed.
        10. If you have a half space available in your room AND have not been approved for a single, ALL your belongings need to be on one side of the room.
  4. Leaving for Thanksgiving & Unsure/Not Returning To The Res. Halls for the Spring Semester
    1. If you are not planning on, or unsure about, returning to the Residence Halls for the Spring semester, you fully move out of your room and bring all of your belongings with you.  If you are moving out because you are choosing to study virtually next semester, you will need to fill out a COVID EXEMPTION RELEASE form, which will be available after Thanksgiving break.  
    2. Before you leave, you need to be tested and receive your negative test result (see the email from Eric Duschcherer).  In order to reduce density and allow for social distancing, students must leave during the day/time that you signed up for.  Only one guest can enter the building to assist you.
    3. You will need to check-out of your room by obtaining a white check-out envelope from your buildings' RA office (exception: Draime/VH residents will go to the Residence Life office in the Draime Hall Extension and Townhouse residents will go to the Townhouse E laundry room).  Once you have the envelope, complete the following steps:
      1. Fill out the check-out envelope with your personal information (e.g. Name, P#, Building, Room)
      2. Remove all personal belongings from your room/common area
      3. Complete the outgoing room condition report by scanning the QR code on the check-out envelope
      4. Place your room key inside of the envelope (and any additional keys, i.e. TH, Apartment, Suite keys) and SEAL IT.  
      5. Do NOT give us your mail room key. If you will be returning to Potsdam at some point, please hold onto this. Otherwise, please bring it to the mailroom.
      6. Sign and date the envelope.

Room Rates

The room rates for the Fall 2020 semester

(Rates represent an approximately 5% increase. These are subject to change with notice.)

Worried about affording campus living? SUNY Potsdam offers special housing awards to offset the cost of residence life room rates for qualified students. To find out more, visit Financial Aid.

Fall 2020
Room Type

Cost per Sem./Year Single Rate per Semester/Year ($960 additional each semester.
Standard Double (non-suite), Medical Single, Triple $4075/8150 $5035/$10,070
Lehman Apartment $5385/$10,770 N/A
Townhouse $5000/$10,000 N/A
Suite without Bath $4075/8150 $5035/$10,070
Suite with Bath $4250/$8500 $5210/$10,420


Keri Lorenz '21 and Craig Smith '21, both student ambassadors for SUNY Potsdam's Office of Admissions, provide a tour of several living options on campus.

“You have so many opportunities as such a small school. I love it! I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else.”


Skye Hamilton-Carranza ’19