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Citibank NET Card Guidelines

NET cards are used for non-employee business travel. This card is issued in the name of a state employee and used to fund travel of non-employees. This card is appropriate for use by coaches traveling with their teams, faculty traveling with students, a flight or lodging for a Consultant coming to campus.

When using your NETcard, remember:

  • Make sure you have an approved Travel Requisition for your group or for the consultant coming to campus, knowing the funding amount you are receiving
  • Know your lodging and meal per diem rates prior to your trip
  • Use tax exempt forms while traveling in NYS for lodging, meals, rental vehicle etc.
  • Obtain itemized receipts for all expenses charged to your NETcard
  • Complete the Employee Report of Travel Expenses Claim form no later than 5 business days from the return of your trip. If the charge was for a Consultant, complete a Non-Employee Report of Travel Expenses form.