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The CITIBANK VISA Purchasing Card offers the State University of New York campuses an alternative purchasing method when making small dollar purchases.  The program is intended to afford SUNY campuses the opportunity to streamline their local procedure and controls for purchasing goods and services.

The Purchasing Card is accepted by all vendors that accept CITIBANK VISA.

Proper use of the purchasing card can reduce the time between requesting, ordering and actual receipt of goods and/or services.

Purchasing cards must be used for “official” SUNY Purchases only.  Use of the card for personal items, cash advances, and business travel expenses is NOT permitted.  New York State is only liable for authorized charges made using the card.

The University is tax exempt, therefore no sales tax should be charged by the vendor.  If sales tax appears on the CITIBANK VISA statement, the cardholder should contact the supplier directly to arrange to have the sales tax charges reversed.  Ask the supplier to credit your account for the amount of the sales tax charge and fax a copy of the credit for certification purposes.  When placing all orders using the card, cardholders are responsible for informing each vendor of the state tax-exempt status and giving the tax exempt number (14740026K).

Use of the Purchasing Card is limited to items/transactions totaling $500.00 or less (excluding freight).  All shipments are to be delivered directly to the cardholder through Central Receiving.

The Cardholder is issued a single card with the name of the cardholder and SUNY Potsdam embossed on the card.  Cardholders must return the purchasing card to the Campus Program Administrator immediately upon request or upon termination of employment.

Use of the Purchasing Card will be authorized only to those individuals who have attended training sessions in the proper use and procedures of the card.  The training will cover the use of the purchasing card consistent with the New York State policy, as well as SUNY and/or campus purchasing practices.