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Allen C Grant

Dean, School of Educ. & Professional Studies

Satterlee Hall 115
TEL: (315) 267-2515

Dr. Allen Grant is an education change agent with a wide variety of experiences in K-12 and higher education. He has taught kindergarten, worked as a language instructor in Spain, consulted as an IB PYP expert, and spent many years in state service. He was the program director for a state virtual school (Louisiana) and a policy expert and grants coordinator for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Grant is an expert in in curriculum design and development,having served as a Master Reviewer for Quality Matters.

Dr. Grant's higher education experience includes his current role at Potsdam, his chair, directorial and professorial work at Drexel, as well as work at LSU, UMUC and the Southern University Virtual Learning Environment. His research interests center around emerging technologies, urban school reform, leadership development and anything dealing with K-12 virtual schooling. He is a frequent contributor as an expert witness and pundit for online learning.


BA, College of William and Mary
MEd, George Mason University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University


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