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Adam J Pearson

Assistant Professor and Dept. Chair

Timerman Hall 220
TEL: (315) 267-2951

I teach Introduction to Environmental Geology, Hydrology and Hyrdogeology, and Geomorphology. My courses contain a combination of traditional lecture notes, in-class activities, labs, and field trips when possible. My goal is to teach critical thinking skills applicable to all life pursuits within the context of the awesome field of geology.

I am a field geologist that specializes in understanding stream systems and the interaction and influence that human activities have on these complex systems. My past research has focused on a dam removal in New England, studying impact and influence of small dams in the Mid-Atlantic, and using heavy metal (Pb) as a tracer of mining activities in central Missouri. I currently have no local research projects, but I am excited by the influence of glaciers and humans on the water ways of the Adirondack region.