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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Important guidance on campus restrictions & social distancing

March 18, 2020

Dear colleagues,

As was announced yesterday, access to the SUNY Potsdam campus is now restricted.

Following new directives from President Trump and Governor Cuomo limiting gatherings and closing certain facilities, SUNY Potsdam has now restricted access to much of campus, as well as canceling or postponing most in-person events and activities. Access to the buildings that are still open for campus users is limited by card swipe to faculty, staff and students.

Only a small number of approved on-campus resident students and employees who have been deemed essential for the ongoing COVID-19 response should be regularly reporting to campus.

Keep in mind that the purpose of these directives is to thin out the density of people on campus to protect everyone’s health and safety.

Therefore, wherever possible, we encourage you to work from home after consultation with your supervisor that this is appropriate for your given role. Additionally, children of employees also should not be on campus at this time.

Non-essential employees have been directed to work from home to the extent practicable until March 31, or further notice. Following March 31, anyone deemed non-essential is invited and encouraged to apply for the new telecommuting pilot program. Under the program, supervisors will work directly with each employee to develop an approved remote work plan.

Please remember that even if you have been deemed essential, you are not required to be on campus if you can do your job remotely (unless you are called upon for an emergency situation). Academic faculty are considered essential employees to provide the continuity of instruction via distance learning. Teaching faculty have the option of doing this remotely or from their offices. For the most part, student workers should not be deemed essential and will be determined on case-by-case basis.

Supervisors can work with employees to arrange a staggered or rotating scheduling for those whose work may involve partial office time. If these changes result in an office being closed, you should confer with your President’s Council designee. If you receive approval for a temporary office closure, please put a sign on the door providing contact information so that individuals may email or call a specific person who is working remotely during normal business hours.

We appreciate your cooperation in taking these to protect the health of our campus and community.