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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Conservation Canvasser
Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE)
921 W 6th Avenue, Suite 200,Anchorage, AK 99501

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"Canvassing for the Salmon Beyond Borders campaign was something that put me out of my comfort zone. I never imagined myself as being someone who would go door-to-door asking people to sign things, but I did it! I did it because it was for a cause that I am passionate about. My favorite thing about going into the field and doing this was seeing people's faces transform from the displeasure of having what could be a solicitor at their door, to realizing that I was someone who was on the same train as them. The community in Juneau seemed so thankful to my team and me for spreading the important issue that we did. I definitely gained stronger leadership skills from this experience, and this opportunity also prepared me for future endeavors in the environmental policy world. In fact, this job made me realize that I want to be more involved in environmental policy, and it is what I have decided to study at graduate school in the future."

Organization - Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE)
ACE's misson: "Alaska Center for the Environment engages and empowers Alaskans to protect and conserve the natural resources that support our unique quality of life for current and future generations. ACE cultivates environmental leaders, educates the public and decision makers about key environmental issues, and mobilizes diverse Alaskans to advocate for sound environmental policies."

Contact: Ted Smith, Conservation Internship Program

About the Internship
Duties: Visiting each household within a designated area to collect petitions and check that they are fully completed; Advising the supervisors of any change to properties or turf found while canvassing communities; Encouraging constituents to become involved in advocacy campaigns; Where no contact is made on the first visit a second visit may be required if time is left in the shift; Proper databasing of collected petitions, but also inaccessible houses, not home, refused, etc.; Maintaining a record of visits made to properties and maintaining other clerical records, as necessary; Complete all databasing within a specific period of time; Attending optional events that further advocacy campaigns; To attend necessary training covering all aspects of the duties.