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Social Media Director Assistance
1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1040, Washington, DC 20036

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"A famous quote once stated that when opportunity knocks on your door, you open it, and grab it by the horns, and that's exactly what I did with this internship. During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I was offered a spontaneous opportunity to intern for SmartPower a non-profit marketing firm based in Washington D.C. I got the opportunity to work alongside with professionals and learned a lot about the renewable energy world. I also gained some experience on professional work ethics and what it really means to work a "9 to 5"; which meant a lot to me, being a college student. Overall, this internship has broaden my path and prepared me for future upcoming internships. I've always wanted a career path that was aimed towards renewable energy or sustainability and I got a chance to briefly experience that and learn from it, all happening in a spontaneous second. If you are passionate about something, learn about it and go for it."

Organization: SmartPower
SmartPower is a non-profit marketing firm that focuses on energy efficiency and clean energy. For any organizations, companies, or even individuals looking to engage their customers in clean energy actions, SmartPower is where you want to start. SmartPower also works with various organizations to help provide the best information and products to their clients.

Contact: Lyn Rosoff, Director of Marketing & Communications

About the Internship:
For my internship I worked mostly with the Social Media Director, Susanna Murley. Our daily duties included researching various articles on solar energy and other top renewable energy sources. We were also responsible for updating the SmartPower website and social media blogs with new information on projects, successes and other news. We also worked on specific projects like energy saving tips for the SmartPower audience and hosted various informational sessions with small communities to educate more individuals on the benefits of solar energy. Other parts of my experience also included canvassing in South Carolina.