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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Outdoor Trip Leader
SOAR North Carolina
226 Soar Lane, Balsam, NC 28707

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"SOAR is a High-Adventure Summer camp that offers many different programs throughout the US and abroad. The mission of SOAR is as a boarding school, camp, and gap year program dedicated to providing experiential education, life skills, developmental and adventure programs to those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and Learning Disabilities with a population range of 11 to 17. The programs were facilitated out of the SOAR Base in Balsam, North Carolina and Tennessee. I worked in the North Carolina Expedition course, an 18 day course offering a range of activities to campers from caving, mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, high and low ropes courses along with an extended backpacking trip.  The job training and course activities provided staff a variety of skill sets and opportunities to develop leadership and facilitation skills in High Adventure settings."

Organization: SOAR North Carolina
SOAR is a boarding school, camp, and _GAP year program dedicated to providing experiential education, life skills development and adventure programs to those diagnosed with ADD / ADHD and Learning Disabilities .

Contact: Laura Pate, Director of Operations,  828-456-3435

About the Internship:
Working with SOAR’s North Carolina Expeditions, job duties included working a 24 hour shift for 18 days on and 6 hours off. In between the three 18 day courses I worked, I would receive three days off. Skills for the job may vary; some that are helpful can be good social and facilitation skills particular to a population of 11 to 17. Be able to receive feedback well, uphold positive attitudes, obtaining hard skills in relation to backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, and/or rock climbing. The job is paid and offers a great opportunity into the outdoor recreation field. I can describe the experience as intensely inspiring, and that I wish to do it again.