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Nature Center Intern
Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
44927 Cross Island Rd. Fineview, NY 13640

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"Minna Anthony Common Nature Center is located on Wellesley Island and is part of the Wellesley Island State Park.  The nature center provides the public with six hundred acres of pristine state forest that includes eight miles of hiking trails and seven miles of cross country ski trails.  Working at the nature center helped me learn more about environmental education and how to present on it.  I taught my own environmental education programs and became a better communicator to the public.  Throughout my time working at the nature center, I had gained better skills in communication, presentation and flexibility.  Overall, working at Minna Anthony Common Nature Center this summer was a great experience and will better prepare me for a future job educating and working with the public, as I hope to become a DEC officer."

Organization: Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
Minna Anthony Common Nature Center is located at 44927 Cross Island Rd. Fineview, NY 13640.  The nature center staff includes four interns, two supervisors and a plethora of volunteers.  During the summer, the nature center has around twenty-five programs a week.  The mission of the nature center is to educate people and allow them to take a look at nature and appreciate the beauty of it.

Contact: Molly Farrell

About the Internship:
A typical day would be come in by 7:30 am to the nature center.  For the first hour we would feed the animals and clean tanks.  After this depending on the day we would have programs going from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  If you didn’t have a program or were finished with them then you did trail maintenance or cleaned the nature center so it would look good for the public.  You had to be a good communicator, be flexible and able to take care of animals.  The internship was paid at $9.75 an hour.