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Geologists and other environmental scientists are employed by public and private entities to make sure that human interactions with the planet are clean, safe, and sustainable. Jobs in the environmental sector are focused on prevention, identification, and remediation of environmental contamination (e.g. acid mine drainage, industrial and domestic waste, radioactive contamination, etc.). Our graduates are prepared for work in the environmental sector because of their knowledge about geochemical processes at the Earth’s surface, interactions between water, life, and rocks, and an their understanding of the processes that shape the Earth’s surface.

Common employment options in the environmental sector include the state (e.g. Department of Environmental Conservation) and federal government (e.g. Environmental Protection Agency) and privately-owned environmental consulting companies. Environmental consulting companies are hired by government and private entities to assess environmental impacts of projects and establish remediation plans for existing environmental hazards.

  • Entry level positions only require a bachelor’s degree
  • Average median salary is ~$68,000.