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Jenica Rogers, Dorf Endowed Director for Applied Learning, Senior International Officer (chair)

Bridget Amulike, Biology/School of Arts and Sciences representative
Tom Baker, History/Associate Director, Lougheed Center for Applied Learning, Student Research
Brianne Borden, Music Performance/At-large Faculty representative
David Bugg, Sociology and Criminal Justice/Service Learning Coordinator
Jessica Heffner, English & Communication/Faculty Senate representative
Tracy Lipke-Perry, Functional Keyboard/Crane School of Music representative 
Jessica Rogers Pearson, Environmental Studies/Pathwasys CT representative
Sarah Solley, Elementary Education/At-large Faculty representative
Sharmain van Blommestein, English & Communication/COIL Coordinator
Adam Wheeler, Wilderness Education/School of Education and Professional Studies representative

Board Charge

The Lougheed Center for Applied Learning (LoCAL) Advisory Board will provide input, guidance, and curricular review for the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning programs with curricular impacts, which include internships, service learning, international travel courses, the Honors Program, the Kilmer Awards, and Career Services. The Board will also recommend goals for the endowed funds dedicated to the LoCAL, and review and recommend funding applications related to those funds. 

  • The Advisory Board will include representatives from all three Schools, Faculty Senate, and key stakeholder programs, as well as the Directors of the programs in the LoCAL. Members will be appointed or elected for two-year terms, staggered.  
  • The LoCAL Advisory Board is both an advisory body and a curriculum committee; to ensure it can appropriately perform all needed tasks, it will be composed of proportionally more teaching faculty than non-teaching faculty, representing all three Schools and the Faculty Senate, and elected or selected according to appropriate faculty governance processes. 
  • The Board will develop processes for curricular review approval, and will define the categories of and criteria for courses that are offered through the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning under course prefix APLE. 
  • The Board will review all requests for funding from accounts directly overseen by the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning, and make a recommendation to the Dorf Endowed Director regarding the funding requests. The Board will work with the Dorf Endowed Director to develop criteria and schedules for approving funding requests. 
  • The Board will meet 3-5 times annually during the academic year, at the beginning of each semester and as needed thereafter, plus a final meeting prior to the end of Spring Semester. No meetings will be held without a set agenda, and all meetings will be set prior to the start of the relevant semester. Routine work will occur at the core meetings of the Board or via online communication. Review of funding applications may take place through fully online asynchronous communication; review of curricular issues may begin online but will culminate in a face to face meeting. 

Meeting Agenda & Supporting Materials   |   Fall 2022 Meeting Schedule